The Ogochuckwu Promise Children’s Home

The Lumina Children’s Home exists sorely for the purpose of bringing succour to little ones and loving humanity in concrete terms as we perform works of charity beyond human inhibitions.

The challenge we have before us is to run a model children’s home where the children are made to know and feel that they are beautiful, important and precious. It is a home where they are given the love and care due them, in an environment that enables them to attain their fullest potential in character and learning. Their education is guaranteed as they are encouraged and appreciated in a ‘natural’ home with a devoted mother and father who ensure that they have enormous rights and privileges as well as the respect and dignity due them as each child is brought up with a sense of his/her own worth in the sight of God. It is precisely for this reason that this home is not called ‘motherless babies home’, but The Lumina Children’s Home. Because we truly believe that they are not ‘motherless’ since they all commonly have a very dedicated and loving mother in the person of the founder who ensures that it is truly a loving, big, big family.

This is the work of charity and love we have undertaken to do in addition to generating and disseminating knowledge far and wide, encouraging learning, scholarship and celebrating excellence.

“Right from childhood, I have nursed the dream of picking up as many of the abandoned children as I possibly can nurture, train and bring up in the fear of God and love of neighbour, with the drive towards self enhancement, contributing meaningfully to the development of others and the society. I have longed to be able to establish a real home of high moral and educational values for these children. It is a dream I am prepared to put in everything I have in order to realize for the relief and meaning it will bring to the lives of many little ones who possess the potential to rise above their limitations if only a kind hand would pull them out from the lonely and dingy existence they have been dumped in.”
– Ogochukwu Promise

We are working towards building a model school where these lovely children can obtain quality education free of charge.

If you wish to donate books to our library, kindly contact us at [email protected]