The Lumina Foundation was founded by Ogochukwu Promise, 2000 to promote knowledge and scholarship, discover and promote talents for the edification of man. The Lumina Foundation generates and supports knowledge based projects. We would like to see so many people get ahead in life. We provide motivational materials that will enable as many people as possible come into their own. We are concerned that so many people no longer care about being knowledgeable. The pressure and rush to amass wealth and belong to the so-called cream de la cream has taken so many people, even the so-called elites, back to the primitive ages when so many people wallowed in ignorance. It’s sad that in 2008 so many people still relegate educational materials. So many people have forgotten how to relax and read, how to get ahead through focused and honest living. We have lost our values, our priorities seem to elevate the ephemeral things of life and relegate things that will enrich the mind, things that embody the core of our existence. It bothers us at the Lumina Foundation that people seem to be afraid to engage their minds, to build a viable future that is not centered on self alone, but one that seeks to move the entire social system upward. The Lumina Foundation insists on growing the mind, celebrating wisdom and excellence. We try to discover talents, nurture talents and cause them to be appreciated and celebrated. Among the projects The Lumina Foundation handle are:

  1. Wole Soyinka Prize for Literature in Africa
  2. The Ogochuckwu Promise Children’s Home
  3. The Mobile Library Scheme
  4. The Lumina Residency Programme
  5. Lumina-African-Easy-to-Read-Books
  6. Journals
  7. Caregivers Humanitarian Foundation
  8. The Lumina Literary Agency