The idea of publishing the Lumina Magazine to promote the arts and humanities has always been there with me as far back 1992 when I started attending writers’ meetings, artists’ workshops, music festivals etc and had to listen to so many complaints about the difficulties artists have in getting their work out there. The dearth of outlets for the work of these artists was of primary concern. I recognized this need and felt very concerned about it. I began to seek solution, pondering over it in my mind for several months until I came up with The Lumina magazine which provides a ready outlet for artists. Initially, we began by featuring writers, celebrating their talents, learning and being entertained by them. Recently we have included so many other forms of art; the musicians, the dramatists, the painters, sculptors and as many talents as are out there, using their talents for common good.

This is a motivational journal that feeds the intellect, addresses the arts, explores creativity and insists that there is beauty in scholarship while encouraging people to sift the essence and transcend the ephemeral. We have to contend with such forces as poor reading habits and widespread illiteracy, which is not only pervasive among the ‘unlettered’ but has also permeated the world of the so-called elite. We know that a journal that assembles minds, provides the opportunity for them to commune, project views, promote knowledge, preserve cultures and disseminate the product of research and of the imagination is crucial.

We insist that wisdom is wealth, health, joy and power. Creating awareness of the workings of the mind is expedient, especially as we have observed that exposure lends wings to the mind that must soar. It is with zeal that we pay attention to discovering and nurturing talents as well as encouraging erudition.

Our aim is to support, appreciate and celebrate excellence as the product of the ‘well-groomed’ mind. Most of the corporate organisations that have been rated highly successful, especially with regard to corporate governance and wealth- creation have succeeded largely because they have people with great minds heading their management teams. As we say in The Lumina newsroom, ‘Once you read voraciously, you will stand out in whatever you do, because knowledge is power.’ The Lumina will give you a lot to read and encourage you to develop your potential.

The Lumina is a monthly journal. Each edition focuses on the people, the culture and the literature of a different country. This way, we learn of the values, norms, pains and joys of people of other nationalities as recorded by their great and contemporary writers. We see the nation at a glance through the works of its gifted people. We visit nations and travel around in The Lumina, to know and appreciate the places we have not heard of or been to before.

Due to the fact that this journal is conceptualized as a tribute to seekers of knowledge towards the edification of man and to the promotion and celebration of excellence, it works with and immensely appreciates institutions that have over the years been socially responsible while impacting positively on the nation’s economy. The Lumina values the fact that they have consistently helped to grow the society in which they operate. Our readers will find the articles from some of the leading corporate institutions in Nigeria very inspiring. Developing a nation indeed requires collective effort and commitment which The Lumina encourages.

Read The Lumina. Relax and enrich your mind.


The Manager is a highly informative, resource magazine for successful managers. It consistently provides managers with new ideas, keys for improved skills, proven strategies and innovations that fire up their potential and unleash tremendous wealth which is realizable and sustainable within conditions of organized management. Managers who are determined to succeed, learn to be both productive and effective and become accomplished through continuous improvement as they positively influence people and things around them. We have been working for several years to ensure that organizations as well as individuals achieve their utmost potential, attain and sustain enviable financial status as well as the unquantifiable happiness and greatness that flow from good management.

Our audience includes, entrepreneurs, corporate institutions, high net worth individuals, medium and low income earners in different spheres of life. Our distribution is mainly by subscription. We have a print-run of forty thousand copies distributed monthly across the world.


Children’s Classic is a motivational magazine for children, the first of its kind, structured towards a better upbringing for tomorrow’s leaders. Besides inculcating morals and healthy living, it teaches children the art of saving, ensuring financial security and the rudiments of effective existence. It also develops their minds and prepares them for greatness.

Our audience includes: school children in both private and public schools, parents in all walks of life, high net worth individuals, medium and low income earners, lectures, teachers entrepreneurs, corporate institutions and decision makers. Ten thousand copies of the magazine is published monthly and distributed to schools, corporate offices, libraries and reading clubs.


Teen’s Classic is a motivational magazine for teens to give them a voice, allow them to be heard, help them to be focused, to deal with their peculiar problems and most importantly to help them get ahead in life.

It also offers them job opportunity as they take up columns which they maintain and get paid for. They also do vacation jobs and learn to be young entrepreneurs as they are trained to create choices for themselves, have job ownership and be passionate about realizing their dreams.

Teen’s Classic is distributed mainly by subscription.