The Lumina Literary Agency

The Lumina Literary Agency is the latest literary agency in Nigeria poised to aggressively scout for new and undiscovered talents, edit manuscripts, provide publishing outlets and publicity to promote these writers. Due to the dearth of publishing in Nigeria, while thousands of gifted Nigerians are eager to share their stories, there has been no recourse to the plight of the aspiring Nigerian writer. Hence, Lumina Literary Agency has arrived to fill the void.
The Lumina Literary Agency is the Agency Department of The Lumina Foundation.
Functions of the Lumina Literary Agency:

  • Represents Prof. Wole Soyinka (Africa’s first Nobel Laureate for Literature)
  • Represents Unoma Azuah, Ogochukwu Promise and Francesca Emanuel
  • Organizes Nobel Laureates’ Breakfast Meetings
  • Organizes an annual International literary workshop and publishes anthologies of selected works from the workshop
  • Schedules and hosts meetings with/for both established and budding writers
  • Arranges literary panels, presentations, talks and tours for writers
  • Pitches publishers for the writers we represent
  • Edits manuscripts – works with writers we have signed on for a better, richer book, both in content and packaging.
  • Sources sales outlets.
  • Ensures visibility for our writers and their works
  • Works with bookshops, reading clubs and libraries.
  • Ensures book signing sessions, readings and literary performances.

The relationship between creative enterprises and commercial enterprises may not be very visible in a society such as ours. What is visible and quantifiable is the amount of creative resources Nigeria as a country is blessed with. The resources as we can perceive needs nurturing and careful mentoring. It is on this premise that Lumina Literary Agency has chosen the finding, editing and publishing of talents as our entry point into the business of imagination and imageries. You will agree with us that the progress of any nation is inter-twined with the quality of the imagination of the people. Lumina Literary Agency is the answer. It is interested in adult literary fiction, Children’s fiction, drama and poetry.

Annual Short Story Workshop: Entry Call.

To kick off its activities, Lumina Literary Agency made a call for unpublished short stories of not more than 2,500 words from African Writers living anywhere in the world. Sixty of these short stories were selected and their authors invited for a workshop in Lagos on August3rd and 4th, 2012. The tradition is that a renowned writer, most likely a Nobel Laureate would be one of the facilitators of this workshop.
In future, after the workshop, further selections would be from the work done at the workshop and these will be published in three collections. Royalty is be paid to the authors in the published collections accordingly. Reading sessions and short tours will also be organized to give the authors and their work ample publicity in addition to providing publishing outlets for their work.

Entry Rules:

Please submit only one short story along with a brief (Not more than 20 words) biodata and a recent photo (Portrait).
Email, send as attachment in PDF format to either of the coordinators
Or send by post to Lumina Literary Agency, Blue House, 19 Unilag Road, Yaba, Lagos.

Registration for the workshop is N5,000. Workshop materials, light entertainment will be made available for participants.

For submissions and for further inquiries, contact the coordinators:
[email protected] and [email protected]
Ogochukwu Promise, Unoma Azuah (Coordinators).